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Free Support Group Registration

Please complete the following information and we will follow up with an email  at for more information about group details. Also see our Facebook page for more detailed updates @PerinatalSupportAlliance.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  

Please expect a text, phone call, or email follow up from this submission. We will also provide you with directions for the Support Group in this correspondence. Thank you!

Thank you for registering, please check your email for updated details on the group!

The Rooted Beginnings Support group is meeting monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 9:30-11am in the Thirlby Room in the upper level of the Traverse Area District Library on Woodmere in Traverse City.

Support Group Details

Our support group will be a safe place to welcome you all and express our gratitude for showing up.  The purpose of the group is to provide support to families expecting and/or following the birth of a new baby recognizing how intense this experience can be and the importance of building a support network. We are here not only as professionals who have worked in the mental health field, but also as mothers who are moving through the messiness of parenting as well. We are here to hold space for your thoughts and feelings and provide resources as necessary as you move through your journey.  Most importantly we want you to feel connected with others who are also going through similar experiences and can relate - that you will recognize and feel that you are not alone. 

COVID Provision

We need to recognize that this is a unique time in history to be caring for a new baby and how difficult it is to consider how to provide for you and your child's health. As you know you are welcome to bring your babies when we meet face to face - having said that we will make every effort to support recommended social distancing practices including those that are indicated by the CDC. We recognize that everyone has their own personal boundaries and comfort levels and for the sake of taking all of those into account, we will practice "admiring babies from a distance". 

Group Guidelines

This is an open group, meaning that anyone is welcome to join at anytime and is not committed to being here on a weekly basis. This group does not discriminate with regard to sexual preference, gender, race or socioeconomic status - it is free and all inclusive - this is a particular value we want to stress. Please be mindful that you are a part of a group and that we welcome and support our differences, that despite similarities everyone has their unique lens that they bring to their experiences. Just to reiterate that this is a safe and confidential space to express yourself and be held in compassion. 

Self Care

During our time together, please do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself. You will notice that this is a theme that we will continue to repeat over and over again in the hopes that your brain will begin to take it in. How do we define self-care? Self care is the ACT of taking care of yourself. This implies intention and for everyone can be very different things. Sometimes it is saying NO to others or getting up to get a snack even when you are concerned you are being "rude". We hope to support the practice of engaging in self-compassion, the recognition that you are experiencing suffering, that this is part of the human condition, and that caring for yourself as you would a best friend does ease the path and move us forward

Group Format

Group will meet weekly at the same time and alternate between in person and online.  We would like everyone to have the opportunity to share a piece of their story but passing is always an option, you will never be forced to share. Again we are here to facilitate space for all of you to connect in a safe manner and time allowing present information on a relevant topic. We are very open to suggestions which can be communicated through our website or on the forms provided at the face to face meetings. We will more specifically be asking those of you comfortable to share your name, baby's age, what you like to do for self-care and any topics you would be interested in talking about.  


Thank you for reading all of this. We hope this answers many of your question - and if there are more, please reach out on the form or send us an email directly.  Thank you!

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